Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BMW Diesel 335d! 36 mpg!

People that know me will refer to me as a car freak or a car nerd of sorts. I love cars. Many tend to be rolling pieces of art with the owners' own personal touch added to make them unique, but I digress into the world of modifying cars... Until now, I haven't posted about any car related issues because there has been nothing of note happening within the auto industry. People are trying to drive less and purchase more fuel efficient cars, which often comes at the cost of performance and driving pleasure. This is where BMW enters the equation.

The Ultimate Driving Machine, as BMWs are known, have always maintained a benchmark with their domination of the performance sedan category that includes the 3 series, the 5 series and the largest of the bunch, the 7 series. While always using cutting edge technology, arguably too much, BMW has always maintained to maximize performance and efficiency in their automobiles and is now creating another milestone with the introduction of their diesel variants on U.S. shores.

BMW is now delivering the 335d as well as an X5 model featuring the same 3.0 liter twin turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. This engine creates 265 horsepower and a staggering 425 pound feet of torque just off idle at 1,750 rpm! BMW claims 4 cylinder economy with V8 performance and rightfully so. To put this in perspective. BMW most sporting 3 series model, the M3, only has a maximum of 295 pound feet of torque that is not available until a much higher 3,900 rpm. The 335d achieves an estimated 36 miles per gallon on the freeway and can go up to 580 miles on a single tank. The 335d achieves this all while reducing carbon emissions due to BMW's new Blue Diesel technology (similar to Bluetec found in Mercedes Benz) and decreasing dependency on foreign oil. And let's not forget that the 335d is a sports sedan and includes all of the attributes that make a BMW the Ultimate Driving Machine; telepathic steering, 50/50 weight distribution for neutral handling, a suspension that refuses to compromise between performance and comfort and succeeds in giving the driver the best of both worlds, and all of the creature comforts that one would expect in a luxury vehicle. The future of the Ultimate Driving Machine has arrived.

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  1. hey teddy its margaret. i went to the BMW museum in munich like 4 days ago. do you like bmw's? also nice rug on the last post. great stuff.