Friday, January 9, 2009

More Music From Metronomy!

Another album review you ask? Duh! Music is rad!

Metronomy's second full length has been a longtime coming with several EPs dropped along the way, effectively stringing their listeners along to the release of Nights Out. Sometime in September there was a very limited release that either lacked distribution in the US, or it very poorly distributed. I was finally able to track a copy down on Amazon UK. The album is called Nights Out and it is awesome. It is significantly more developed and polished than the first album from Metronomy.

Nights Out is an awesome electro-pop album with many great instrumental tracks, but my favorite tracks on the album feature the signature falsetto singing Metronomy is known for. The album's sound could be compared to the offerings of Blur, Basement Jaxx, and LCD Soundsystem, with a bit of new-wave flavor dusted on top. Although not a commercial album, Nights Out is definitely a pop album. Listening to it makes me want to drink Red Bull and dance around in my apartment. 

Although the whole album is a great listen, there are a few standout tracks. "Radio Ladio" is awesome, "My Heart Rate Rapid", "Heartbreaker", and "A Thing For Me" are my favorite tracks. Coincidentally all of those songs feature vocals.

Check out the video above and remember that Metronomy will be at Holocene on the 23rd of this month. See you there!

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  1. great band t3d, sounds kinda like MGMT