Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SKY HIGH Mixtape, better than the original tracks?

DJ Benzi and Plain Pat are back with another mixtape put out by Fools Gold. This isn't Plain Pat's first time working with Kanye, he also put out the Can't Tell Me Nothing Mixtape a year and a half ago. This particular tape has been circulating the internet in loose tracks and poorly mixed, unmastered mixtapes for a while now, but the official tape released last week and it was worth the wait. 

Kanye is quite an accomplished producer himself, and I usually don't like remixes, leaving me to believe that this tape was going to be a puff piece. Most "remixes" are an a cappella track with a dance beat put under it. Those so-called "remixes" are a waste of my time. I was glad to hear that Benzi and Pat pulled through with a killer mixtape that featured some great original work. 

SKY HIGH has gathered some of the most respected producers and DJs to create tracks that are completely original, they just happen to feature a lot of Kanye's lyrics. Because Kanye produces his albums exclusively, it's hard to tell what could come from him creating music with other people, not just featuring other rappers. SKY HIGH is full of tracks that preserve the integrity of the originals, but manages to take them in a whole new direction. Some of the slowest tempo original recordings are now faced paced dance tracks. Many other tracks pull lyrics from other songs that the specific track being remixed and feature other artists than Kanye, such as Kid Cudi. This level of diversity on a single album is a great accomplishment while paying respect to the original tracks. 

I suggest you download it now! CLICK HERE!


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  2. Electric Touch makes me want to do coke off a urinal and dance with a glow-stick around my neck